The Quasimodo pattern

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Support and resistance, or market structure, is typically the foundation of most well-rounded trading strategies. Without this knowledge, navigating the markets is a challenge for just about any technical trader! Regardless of the vast array of methods highlighting tradable support and resistance levels, one approach stands superior: the Quasimodo pattern. Enter the Quasimodo! The Quasimodo … Continue reading The Quasimodo pattern

Risk-on and Risk-off

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First confronted with the somewhat esoteric terms risk-on and risk-off (or RoRo) typically (for those born in the 70s/80s) evokes childhood memories of the movie The Karate Kid ­– famous for its line ‘wax-on – wax-off’. Regrettably, though, RoRo is slightly more involved than waxing Mr Miyagi’s car! What does risk-on and risk-off mean? Risk-on … Continue reading Risk-on and Risk-off

Position sizing – where SIZE really does matter!

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‘Risk comes from not knowing what you’re doing’ – Warren Buffet. Foreign exchange (forex or FX) trading, once the domain of commercial banks, hedge funds, large corporations and high net worth individuals, is now available to anyone with an internet connection and sufficient funds to meet balance requirements. Although a low barrier to entry, a number … Continue reading Position sizing – where SIZE really does matter!

Do you have a cut-off point?

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‘Hope for the best, plan for the worst’ – Lee Child. While we tend to evade the word ‘hope’ in trading, the opening quote resonates rather well with the trading world. But do traders really plan for the worst, or are they just relying on hope? Planning for the worst There will be instances where … Continue reading Do you have a cut-off point?