Webinar – Trading Market Gaps

If You Trade Once A Week, 

Make Sure This Is It!

Trading Market Gaps

Presented by Robert Bubalovski of
Trade View Investments

(Proprietary Trading Firm)

Wednesday 23rd October
7:30 PM AEDT
8:30 AM GMT
4:30 AM EDT


Dear Trader,

Have you ever wondered why a certain financial instrument opens at a much higher or lower level than anticipated after a seemingly consistent trading pattern?

Well, it is with great pleasure that we welcome back Robert Bubalovski, Head Trader of Trade View Investments as this week’s guest webinar presenter.

In this interactive webinar Robert will explain why financial instruments gap and how they can present trading opportunities for the smart trader. He will also share some of the techniques and strategies that Trade View Investments uses to trade and manage market gaps.

He will be providing valuable information on the following topics

  • What Is a Gap?
  • Types of Gaps – Patterns
  • Why Do Gaps Occur?
  • Techniques To Manage Gaps

Join us for this exclusive webinar to gain insights into how gap trading can be part of your strategy so you can approach the markets with confidence.



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