The Spot Market

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Typically, one’s first encounter with the financial markets tends to be a mind-boggling one. Faced with a myriad of peculiar terms and an inordinate number of different markets to choose from, it can almost seem an impossible feat to trade effectively. To help clear some of this confusion, the following piece will illustrate what the … Continue reading The Spot Market

The importance of an Economic Calendar

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Have you ever had one of those trading setups that boasted a staggering amount of confluence fail in dramatic fashion? You know the kind of setups that wouldn’t look out of place as wallpaper on your mobile phone! Of course you have. We all have! One reason the area may have fell flat could have … Continue reading The importance of an Economic Calendar

What Does Fearful Money mean to Traders?

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Fearful money, or as we like to refer to it as ‘hot money’, is capital that a trader has a strong emotional attachment to. In other words, it is money that one CANNOT afford to lose, and therefore, should not really be using it to trade the markets with. An example of hot money is … Continue reading What Does Fearful Money mean to Traders?

Trading the Higher Timeframes

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Is spending countless hours at your trading desk the kind of freedom you had in mind when you first voyaged into the trading world? If you are one of those unfortunate souls scrutinizing each pip movement with little to show for it, switching things up to the higher timeframes could be an option. Remember the … Continue reading Trading the Higher Timeframes

Getting smart with Cryptocurrencies

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Nowadays, you’d be hard pressed to go a day without reading or hearing about cryptocurrencies, and for good reason! 2017 proved to be the year of cryptocurrencies, with many units reaching unprecedented growth, smashing record after record. With its understandable rise in popularity, a world once ruled by Bitcoin has seen a new band of … Continue reading Getting smart with Cryptocurrencies