IC Markets Launches New MetaTrader 4 Platform with One-Click Trade Manager

IC Markets is proud to announce the launch of its new MetaTrader 4 platform with inbuilt One-Click Trade Manager Software.

Our MetaTrader 4 platform has something for everyone; News traders can take advantage of its complex order types; Day Traders can enter the market in a single click and move stops and targets in two clicks straight off the chart; Swing Traders can calculate their risk and position size off the order ticket.

Features of the new platform include:

  • 1-Click Trading – place market orders with a default stop loss, take profit and lot size in a single click.
  • Risk and position size calculator – Calculate your position size in 3 easy steps.
  • Full range of MT4 order types – Access order types previously unavailable such as OCO orders.
  • Trade from the chart – move your stop loss and take profit orders on the chart in two clicks
  • Custom RSS feeds for news – stay on top of market moving news from within the platform
  • Forex factory calendar with audible alerts – audible alerts will let you know whenever there is a news announcement
  • Undock charts and the trade terminal – have your charts and trade manager spread across several monitors

Plus much more

Download a MetaTrader 4 demo today.