At IC Markets, we are hosting a series of webinars covering a variety of topics within the industry, hosted by experts within the field.

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29/10/2020US Election SpecialVIEW
12/11/2020Post-Election Market AnalysisVIEW
10/12/2020Supply and Demand Trading explainedVIEW
07/01/2021Brexit: A Deep DiveVIEW
21/01/2021IC Markets - Trading BidenVIEW
04/02/2021Introduction to Forex VIEW
18/02/2021Introduction to Support & ResistanceVIEW
02/03/2021Inside a Price Action Trading StrategyVIEW
16/03/2021Understanding Trade Management VIEW
30/03/2021Fibonacci Retracement Trading StrategyVIEW
13/04/2021Advanced Fibonacci Extension Trading StrategyVIEW
27/04/21 Stochastic Oscillator Strategies VIEW
04/05/21 Advanced RSI Trading Strategies VIEW
13/05/21 Análise Geral de Mercado - Forex e Ouro VIEW
18/05/21 IC Markets - Using Correlation To Improve Your TradingVIEW
19/05/21IC Markets - A Importância Crucial do Gerenciamento de RiscoVIEW
20/05/21Estructura de Mercado (Espanol)VIEW
26/05/21Abordagens de Entrada e Saída com Price Action (Portuguese)VIEW
27/05/21Ruptura de tendencia y de estructura de mercado alcista y bajista (Espanol)VIEW
01/06/21Imposto de Renda Forex - Cripto (Parte 1) (Portuguese)VIEW
03/06/21Fibonacci: Retrocesos y Extensiones (Espanol)VIEW