Webinar – Identify Market Direction

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A Traders View on Market Direction


Identify Market Direction

Presented by Robert Bubalovski of
Trade View Investments

(Proprietary Trading Firm)

Wednesday 19th March
7:30 PM AEDT
8:30 AM GMT
4:30 AM EDT

Dear Trader,

Most traders have experienced getting into a trade after following all the rules they have been taught to only find that the trade goes against them almost immediately in some form or another.
“ The Trend is Your Friend “

We have all heard this saying before, but unfortunately the trend might have already occurred, therefore understanding how to Identify Market Direction is more crucial than identifying what has already happened.

Before placing any trades you need to have a strong sound reason for either going Long or Short, unfortunately many traders do so without much thought.

This is why it is with great pleasure that we welcome back Robert Bubalovski, Head Trader of Trade View Investments to discus this topic at our next webinar.

In this interactive webinar, Robert will explain some of the processes his trading firm goes through in Identifying Market Direction.

He will be providing valuable information on the following topics:
1.    Is the Trend your friend?
2.    Understanding Market direction
3.    What time frame is best?
4.    Identify Price Reversal
5.    When to place the trade?

Join us for this exclusive webinar to help you to start your trading day with greater confidence.


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