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Exclusive: Behind The Scenes

Discover the world of IC Markets Global

“They’re Fast. We’re Faster.”

IC Markets Global recently unveiled its highly anticipated launch of the ‘They’re Fast, We’re Faster’ campaign on 16 April 2024. This behind-the-scenes look reveals the creative gears that turned to craft this campaign; that links the worlds of high-stakes trading and high-speed racing.

It all began with a series of creative brainstorming sessions. “We knew we wanted something that resonated with speed and precision, the very elements that IC Markets Global stands for,” recounts the lead creative at IC Markets Global. The eureka moment struck when someone mentioned competitive racing – a realm where every millisecond counts, much like in trading.

The collaboration with Limehouse wasn’t just about outsourcing creativity; it was a fusion of creative minds. “Limehouse didn’t just understand our vision; they helped amplify it.” Together, the IC Markets Global team refined the racing metaphor with Limehouse, ensuring it mirrored the fast-paced trading world accurately.

Poppy Jones, the executive producer, shared insights into the creative process, describing how the team embraced the challenge of crafting a campaign with “talkability” and visual power. The creative team storyboarded various scenarios, finally settling on the pit stop – a perfect allegory for swift decision-making and precision.

“The pit stop is where races are won or lost, much like crucial trading moments.”

Creative Director Eran Thomson adds, “The entire team worked collaboratively and we are grateful to have had the time and budget necessary to crank out a winner.”

However, perfecting the sound design was the finishing stroke that unified the entire piece. The team wanted the roar of the engines to be more than just background noise; it needed to convey a sense of impact and urgency. “The crescendo of engines peaking just as the trade is executed – it was vital to get this timing perfect,” says the Director Aytan Lachish and Uncanny Valley.

Reflecting on the creative journey, the team at IC Markets Global feels a sense of accomplishment. “This campaign embodies our brand’s commitment to deliver an unparalleled trading environment for our clients, it captures the essence of both speed and precision, reflecting the exceptional experience offered at IC Markets Global.

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Production Company: Limehouse
Director: Aytan Lachish
Creative Director: Eran Thomson
Executive Producer: Poppy Jones
Post & VFX: Limehouse
Music & Sound Design: Uncanny Valley

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