MetaTrader WebTrader

使用 IC Markets Global MetaTrader WebTrader 從全球的任意網頁瀏覽器存取您的 MetaTrader 4 或 MetaTrader 5 交易帳戶。

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在 MetaTrader WebTrader 上不限地點交易外匯!

MetaTrader 網頁版擁有 MetaTrader 快速執行訂單的能力,而且作為基於網頁的應用程式,簡單又便捷。MetaTrader WebTrader 是一款基於網頁的使用者友好型交易平台,不論您在全球何地,均可以在IC Market 交易環境中享受交易的樂趣,沒有交易台。

MetaTrader WebTrader 與 MetaTrader 桌面版擁有相同的市場領先的差價、第二級定價和一鍵交易功能,同時還有個人化的交易者儀表板等功能,可讓您快速監控您的倉位。


系統需求 支援的瀏覽器有 Chrome、Firefox、Safari、IE 10+

Raw Pricing 連接
差價低至 0.0 點
MetaTrader 4 與 5

Why trade on MetaTrader Web Trader with IC Markets Global?

MetaTrader Web Trader has the same tight spreads, Level II Pricing, and one-click trading as the MetaTrader desktop version along with features such as a personalized trader dashboard to allow you to monitor all of your positions at a glance.


A web platform you can access trading features from any device. Trade Forex anywhere It is convenient and safe!

MetaTrader WebTrader

Functionality of Web Trader

Web Trader is almost identical to the desktop MetaTrader. This ensures the web platform's high reliability and compatibility with the entire MetaTrader ecosystem. The application is safe to use - all transmitted data is securely encrypted.

  • One-click trading
  • Multilingual interface
  • Fully customized charts
  • Stop loss/take operations
  • Indicators
  • Analytics

How to open an MetaTrader WebTrader account with IC Markets Global.

Before you can start trading, you will need to open a Standard or Professional Web Trader account. Upon successful account registration, you will find your Web Trader account details listed in your Personal Area.

  • Open an IC Markets Global account

  • Open Web Trader In accounts Trading Tools -Downloads section

  • Enter your account details mailed to you

  • Start trading!

Trade with MetaTrader Web Trader


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