Islamic Accounts


IC Markets offers Islamic accounts (also known as Swap Free accounts or Shariah Forex accounts) for clients who cannot earn or pay interest due to their religious beliefs. The Swap Free option is available on both our True ECN and Standard account types on our MT4 & cTrader platforms.

Get your Swap Free Trading Account in 3 easy steps

In order to determine a client’s eligibility for a swap free account, IC Markets may, at its discretion, request documentation to verify the client is of the Islamic faith. IC Markets reserves the right to reject a client’s application for a swap free account without having to provide reasoning for this.



Account Features

IC Markets is committed to providing its clients with the best trading conditions. Our Islamic accounts offer state of the art Trading infrastructure & Execution speeds enabling our clients to gain a competitive Edge while still being 100% compliant with shariah laws.

No interest/ swap charges on overnight positions

Spreads from 0.0 pips

100% Shariah Compliant

50+ Currencies, Metals & CFDs( Excluding Exotics)

Overnight Financing Charges

Swap free accounts do not pay or earn swap or interest on any trades for Currencies, Metals & CFDs excluding exotic currency pairs, where a small financing charge is applicable overnight. Any trades open for more than 1 day in the below mentioned pairs will be charged a flat rate financing charge. Rates & holding period is subject to change to reflect market conditions when necessary. IC Markets True ECN and Standard Account commissions and spreads apply.

Click here to access the terms & conditions governing the use of 'Islamic Accounts' at IC Markets.


Instrument Charges Instrument Charges
AUDSGD 5$ per lot GBPDKK 10$ per lot
EURDKK 5$ per lot GBPNOK 10$ per lot
EURHKD 5$ per lot GBPSEK 10$ per lot
NOKSEK 5$ per lot GBPSGD 10$ per lot
NOKJPY 5$ per lot USDCNH 10$ per lot
SEKJPY 5$ per lot USDDKK 10$ per lot
SGDJPY 5$ per lot USDHUF 10$ per lot
USDHKD 5$ per lot USDNOK 10$ per lot
USDSEK 5$ per lot USDPLN 10$ per lot
USDCHB 5$ per lot EURZAR 20$ per lot
USDCZK 5$ per lot USDMXN 20$ per lot
CHFSGD 10$ per lot USDZAR 20$ per lot
EURNOK 10$ per lot USDRUB 30$ per lot
EURPLN 10$ per lot EURTRY 50$ per lot
EURSEK 10$ per lot USDTRY 50$ per lot
EURSGD 10$ per lot XNGUSD 40$ per lot
GBPTRY 50$ per lot

*Triple charges applicable on Friday night
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