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The IC Markets Multi Account Manager combines flexible allocation methods with real time reporting of performance and commissions through an easy to use interface.

The MAM software communicates all allocation settings directly with the IC Markets MetaTrader 4 server. This means a money manager only has to worry about trading through the MetaTrader 4 Master Account, all other processes are handled seamlessly by the MAM software. The software is ideal for traders or money managers utilising Expert Advisors (EAs) and enhances the functionality of the MetaTrader 4 platform by allowing multiple accounts to be managed from one simple interface.

Block orders can be executed with one click from the master account with pre set allocation methods. Thousands of accounts can be traded with one click and with virtually no additional latency.

MAM/PAMM software allocation methods are listed below. The allocation methods allow the software to act as a MAM, PAMM or LAMM with several variations of each.

Allocation Methods

  • Proportional by Balance Allocation
  • Proportional by Equity Allocation


MAM/PAMM Features

  MAM manager to adjust trading parameter in real time

  Unlimited trading accounts and deposit amount

  Trades – Full, Mini & Micro Lot accounts for best allocation advantage

  Allocations to accounts for as little as 0.01 lots (1000 units)

  All normal order types accepted: Market, Stop, Limit

  All unique order types accepted: Trailing Stop, Close by and Close all

  Manage multiple master accounts having different strategies

  Allows Expert Advisor (EA) trading of managed accounts from client side

  Each Sub Account has an output to screen report

  Market watch window within MAM

  Live order management monitoring within MAM including P&L

  STP on master account for bulk order execution, with instant allocation to sub accounts

  Monitor commissions and performance in real time

  Manage Monthly, Quarterly and Annual client reports through the MetaTrader Manager



Money Manager Features

  Ability to add and/or remove funds without affecting trading activity

  Professional reporting analytics displayed to you and your clients

   Solutions for EA managers and manual managers

IC Markets MAM/PAMM Manager Software Introductory Video


  • MAM / PAMM Managers must have at least 5 clients with total equity of USD $20,000 or equivalent
  • All slave accounts must complete a Power or Attorney and Fee Disclosure Form
  • Financial services license or legal opinion in the operating jurisdiction

If you are able to satisfy our minimum requirements please complete the form below and have to have a member of our institutional sales team contact you.

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