cMirror is a revolutionary Mirror Trading application which works with our cTrader and cAlgo platforms. As a Strategy Provider you trade from the comfort of those platforms, including Mobile and Web platforms to broadcast your strategies to the cMirror community. As a Mirror Trader (investor) you can navigate the intuitive cMirror application to find successful strategies to Mirror. The cMirror application displays a wealth of statistics and detailed charts to help you find the right strategy.

You can follow live strategies using your existing Live cTrader accounts or create a new one. Alternatively you can use a demo account to follow demo strategies. By using cMirror, any trader can become a strategy provider, broadcast trading signals to the cMirror network. Other traders (investors) can mirror the provided strategies and send orders in the same or opposite direction.


Advanced Analytics

Visually displaying key information
across a variety of channels

Full Transparency

With dozens of fields of
information to satisfy any
investor's specific interest

Risk Management

Choose your own mirroring
percentage and add forcing
Stop Loss and Take Profit

Fully Automated

Opening and closing of
Positions from the strategy
provider's trading signals



Receive cMirror commission credits

Full Control

Full Control to Start and Stop
Mirroring and even close positions
yourself from cTrader

cTrader Account

Use your existing cTrader Account
for instant access, or get one!

Powerful Tools

A wider variety of strategies
from sophisticated traders already
using cTrader & cAlgo

cMirror Introduction Video


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