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cTrader FIX API


cTrader Now Supports The FIX API

The widely used tool amongst institutional traders is now available for retail traders who use the IC Markets cTrader platform.

To understand how this could be beneficial for your own trading, please read the guide below:

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What is the FIX API?

The FIX API, whose name stands for Financial Information Exchange, was designed to transfer large amounts of data in the shortest times possible. It is a very light protocol that was specifically created for the financial industry and has since been largely employed by institutional traders

What are the advantages of the FIX API?

The main advantage of the FIX API is how light and fast it is. At its very core, it was designed to transfer huge amounts of information at high frequency.

Moreover, it benefits from being specifically built for the financial industry. This means that it is built on foundations that all financial traders will be familiar with.

Since the FIX API is designed to work anonymously, traders who use a proprietary system can make full use of it without any risks that their strategy might become public.

Finally, it is industry-unified, which means setting up a connection is fast and easy. The FIX API will be ready to use for traders in no time.

Why is it good for Retail Traders?

  Receive data from one or more brokers with their own solutions. In short, the API can act as a single trading interface to place orders in more than one place at the same time. It speeds up the process of loading the platforms, especially when working with multiple ones.

  Create their own 3rd party trading application to deploy the FIX API. It means that you can use it for more options than just algorithmic trading, although it should be mentioned that it is mainly used for this kind of trading.

  Set it up easily and no time. If you have a good understanding of APIs, you will be able to get it working in no time and it acts as a simple messaging protocol. Like with all financial tools, the most important knowledge you must possess is a deep understanding of trading. Being aware of Rules of Engagement and other trading terms is ultimately what will help you make sense of the information the API is communicating.