Dear Investor,

Please note that in regards to the withdrawal process via the Thai Internet Banking method, you would need to have made deposit/s via Thai Internet Banking, given that you have not used any other methods before.

And if you have made deposits via other methods prior to your Thai Internet Banking deposit, you would need to have withdrawn the same amount back to the same source before we can allow you to withdraw the fund via Thai Internet Banking.

What you would first need to do after adding the bank details for withdrawal is uploading your Thai bankbook, which would show the name of the account holder, account number as well as the bank name. 
Please upload it to a Proof of Residence section and leave a note saying “Bankbook for first time withdrawal verification”.

We would only approve the withdrawal transaction if the names on both bank account and trading account belong to the same person as per anti-money laundering and counter terrorism financing Act 2006.

Should you have any other questions, you can contact us at

Kind Regards

IC Markets