A Series of Forex Webinars on Trading Styles




 Webinar #1 – Trend Trading


Presented by Robert Bubalovski of

Trade View Investments

(Proprietary Trading Firm)

Wednesday 21st May
7:30 PM AEST
9:30 AM GMT
5:30 AM EDT

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Dear Trader,

This is the first of 6 Trading Styles webinars we will be holding to help traders expand their knowledge of the markets and themselves.

Have you ever wondered which trading style you should use?

Too often we see traders using a style they don’t understand, that doesn’t suit their mentality or that’s just not right for the current market conditions.

In this webinar you will learn about Trend Trading; what factors may be present before, during and after a trend occurs. We will look at chart and news-based factors to determine if the odds favor the development/continuation of a Trend.

We will go through live examples and identify which indicators are suited for trend trading and which should be ignored.

To do this we are welcoming back the expert Robert Bubalovski, Head Trader of Trade View Investments.

In this interactive webinar Robert will explain some of the processes his trading firm goes through in working out what makes and breaks a Trend.

He will be providing valuable information on the following topics:

  • Identify a Trend Early
  • Indicators that help confirm trends
  • Short term and long term trends
  • Entry, Exit  signals
  • Live Examples

By the end of the Webinar you will understand trend trading better, to begin the first steps of building your own trend trading system.

Join us for this exclusive webinar to start your trading day with greater confidence.

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At the end of this webinar Robert will be providing details for a trading competition. This isn’t your ordinary trading competition as we’re not necessarily looking for the most profitable trade or trader. The winner will be handpicked based on criteria that Robert will outline at the end of the webinar. This means you must attend the webinarin order to get the contest rules!
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